It seems I am the only one who actually liked The Canyons. (Like, even a little bit.)

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Mark Lovato


Screen shot 2013-08-06 at 5.55.38 PM

In response to a commentator on with a diverging opinion from Owen Gleiberman’s B+ review which he is, of course, entitled to, even if he’s totally wrong:


And having said all of this, I must admit that it’s not a “good” movie. There is plenty of deflated acting and you can tell that it was cheaply made in ways you shouldn’t have to… like when Lohan laughs in her wine glass, it’s SO audible that you think she’s going to break into Confessions of a Broken Heart. It’s cheap, okay? I don’t remember this deterring me from John Waters’ Female Trouble either.

IDEA FOR SKETCH: A Seasonal Club That Meets In Palo Alto To Screen Lindsay Lohan’s Most Recent Contributions To The Entertainment Industry Followed Has A Three-Hour Cocktail Panel Discussion Called “How Did Lindsay Do?” This Week They Begin With The Threesome in The Canyons & End With Her Stint On Chelsea Lately Where She Mostly Supplicates A Sense Of Humor For Self-Disparaging Jokes About Her Ninety-Day Experience In Rehab.

While Paul Schrader claims this to be his statement about a generation living under a doomed zeitgeist, Bret Easton Ellis is convinced that everyone hates him.

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