Sunday, The Bountiful

Posted: July 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

A video post from the voice of a revived Pollyanna.

  1. Michele W says:

    And we love you!

  2. agentnicky says:

    Haha can I get some of whatever you’re smoking? My Sunday was pretty good too. Glad to see you’re doing so well and you’re happy 🙂 Miss you mucho.

    • Thanks Michele and Nicole! Yeah, there is no denying that I spark up a few times a day with no guilt whatsoever, which is the best part about the law in this state.

      But if you’re actually serious about my favorite marijuana strain, it would have to be this one:

      It’s called XJ-13. (I think it needs to be renamed “Wonka’s Elevator” – although that’s an overstatement. This green is actually really good for people who need to do things. Like save the world by brushing their teeth.

      • Tancreddy says:

        Shannon, what a fun picture! You look adbraole. I’m so glad you’ve had amazing friends in London, especially to help you with your struggles with your kids. You look so happy and I’m glad for you for the times you can get out and just have fun. Looking forward to having you back in the states. I’d LOVE to see you sometime soon… Ann

  3. Joelle says:

    It’s a good Sunday – mercury retrograde goes away to

  4. jenny lane says:

    Love you, love you, love you.

    • Patty says:

      Helliw. Long time no communicate! I hope you are all dandy and well. I see you’ve had some good shows on renlctey, and some good uns coming up. I shall do my utmost to get down to one soon. I’m keen to play a date in Birmingham in May this year. As I’m no longer running Bohemian Jukebox events on a regular basis, could you consider me to play a support slot for any dates you have going in May?Hope so. Take it easy,Ben.

  5. Jayshree says:

    One other thing I would like to say is that instead of trynig to suit all your online degree training on days of the week that you end work (since most people are exhausted when they return), try to have most of your classes on the week-ends and only 1 or 2 courses on weekdays, even if it means taking some time away from your weekend. This is really good because on the saturdays and sundays, you will be extra rested and concentrated for school work. Thanks alot : ) for the different points I have discovered from your blog.

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