The Blithe Ballad of Bobby Aguirre (Parts I, II & III)

Posted: July 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Meet my Uncle Bobby Aguirre. And yes, here he is very-matter-of-factly with the Queen Lilibet at a polo match. And no, this ain’t no hatchet photoshop job. If I understand correctly, this was the visit Tito Aguirre went so far as to purchase Prince William a horse!  Link to Pinoy Puff Piece That Proves Nothing Except That It Really Happened.   (I always got stuck on the idea of Prince William needing another horse. But that was just me. A question to save for a rainy day with The Tito, since it ain’t my story to swagger — though who doesn’t wanna swagger around a story like that?)


So much like myself for most of the year, Tito Bob has been subject to a lot of involuntary isolation. The details are not mine to disclose, other than he has been bound to tight security at his compound in his Filipino subdivision to avoid threats of assassination. One thing I know about his musical tastes is his love – and I mean love, love, love, love, LOVE for arena/classic rock! So I guess you can say there is a bit of those qualities imbued in the first two movements. Even derivative nods to Sweet Home Alabama, because hey, you gotta give the man what he wants! The point is that for the past 5 years, he’s been asking me for an eternity to cover November Rain. A song that I do love. But the reason I never have is because I’ve had always something else in mind. And it’s great when you can wake up one morning and it’s just there. So I hope this in some substantial way lets the guy know that he is not alone in the struggle of spending inordinate hours sequestered in his house, waiting for the sun to break…


PART I: “One Day You Will Tell Them They Are Kings”

PART II: “Mosquito Tuxedo”

PART III: “My Children Are In Australia”

Can’t wait to see you in October, Tito!!


Tito Bob, Cousin Dave, Myself – Manila Polo Field, Feb 2009

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