Posted: July 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

If you're in New York City tonight, you will be going to this.

Hope the show is goes great, Erin!  Wish I could be there to showcase our Alanis homage to The Phantom Deer!  Looks like quite the Summer Swimwear Competition!

Recorded November 2012

  1. Erin Markey says:

    oh my god. i forgot how purty this is.

  2. I think it’s either my 1st or 2nd favorite of our shotgun rep. I play it a few times a week. Keep in mind that this was in November and we were still working out ideas. Now the ending sounds like a triumph. I would love to send you a recording so that we can at long last do something with it.

    • Qasim says:

      Thomas:I do notice that some peolpe are natural bloggers. I would have to classify your blogging in that category. In my case I haven’t yet mastered getting my thoughts to the webspace. It’s not like writing a book.. and I remember not enjoying essay writing in school lolDawn:Thanks Sis.. I thought it was getting a bit dark and foreboding with that last blog design and as you know, I am neither

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