Sir Trystan Trazon’s Endorsement of The E-Cigarette

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Until recent events have forced me to dramatically change my respiratory health, I was pretty much a steady pack-a-week Marlboro Lights smoker. And I loved it. Loved that it gave me control over my nerves. Lived for burgeoning dreamy enhancement that hits you after a single-malt Balvenie on the rocks. Also the “making the getaway factor” that has something to do with starting as a sneaky teenager and never dies. You know, all those incidental attractions that lead you into the act of smoking and then tend to do nothing with smoking at all. That’s why these things are the hardest things to give up. That’s why I’ve had a box of mint Nicorette gum in my closet since 2005.

So around 2009, when the New York state tax inflated a pack of cigarettes to $12/pack I admit that I was both enraged, and becoming that annoying guy by default who bums a cigarette. And to assuage the stress of going up to someone to ask for a cigarette, I’d follow it up by telling so-and-so “Yeah, I’ll just get you later… I promise.” 80% of the time, this is a categorically bullshit exchange, and the other person is already in on it. And so I switched for awhile to rolling Drum tobacco. On one hand, yes, it is feels like an incredible achievement to be able roll a perfect cigarette like a Dominican factory worker. But it’s MESSY! Grimy! Takes too long! The tobacco grinds end up everywhere like furballs, and the product very often ravages your lungs by morning, etc. For those with a more ritualistic approach to tobacco, I’m sure this works for you. I, myself, have always seen smoking as refuge for the impatient. I used to say “it’s all this craftsmanship for one cigarette is actually taking seconds off of my life, not the smoking.” Still, a lot of my smoking peers jeered off my half-a-week-habit before I got sick, even if some of them were trying to “quit” themselves. So didn’t seem worth mentioning. I prefer grading my bad habits on a curve. Flaunting it like a girl who’s too fat for her prom dress. They would be wrong. It is a problem. It would be ridiculous to claim that this is the end and that I will never have another “real” cigarette again. (I am also still treating pain and nausea by smoking medical sativas.) So while I’m undergoing this radiation and, as of yesterday, can’t even swallow any solid food, this is really the way to go, I think.

For the uninformed, let me explain what goes on here in the vaping process:


So what an e-cigarette is is a battery-powered circular contraption that converts liquid nicotine through an atomizer and turns it into mist (or vapor) that user inhales. There’s no fire, no ash, no smoky smell, no carbon dioxide or carcinogenic tar. You could, in theory, use this to quit, which is controversial because of the rate of nicotine that’s distributed in the dispensers. (I couldn’t tell you how much it is; but it is a lot. But nicotine is no more dangerous than any other food stimulant additive to anything but heart health. The same, by the way, can be said for caffeine. “I am choosing to believe that.”


The LED Blue glows when you enhale. Word around the street is that it lasts for 300-500 puffs.


They also come in these rechargeable packs which come with everything that you see below.


If you can switch to these or a smokeless alternative, then by all means DO IT. Use your courtesy, of course. No one wants to be hit in the face with this entering a subway.

There’s a lot of seems to be a lot of contention right now with the FDA not having “investigated the ingredients,” mostly because probably because they are hoping to market them as a smoking cessation. With all due respect, naysayers, WE KNOW THE INGREDIENTS!!!! They consist of nicotine, water, flavor, and propylene glycol. Is this a shot of wheatgrass? No. But get over your “we don’t have enough substantial research to find out if this is really going to save people’s lives. The company Blu is trying their best in their marketing to not take the “thrill” what will ultimately become the FDA’s cessation campaign. They’ve even already launched a campaign with Stephin Dorff marketed toward Hot Daddies Who Like Long Walks On The Beach.

The Blu tobacco flavor has a bit of a coffee aftertaste many people don’t enjoy. I happen to like it. Less so their Menthol flavor, which I thought that I would try. As for the NJoy, it not only resembles a cigarette but puffs like a cigarette, too. Maybe even too much like a generic cigarette. I sat with some over espresso this morning and the flavor reminded me of breathing in the fumes at a plane terminal. But anyone who wants something that simulates the smoke and throat hit of, say, a Camel should really go with this.

Screen shot 2013-07-15 at 9.32.27 AM

Last Saturday, I went to the smoke shop and picked up one of these, which looks like something you’d pick up at a truckstop in Delaware. But you press the button on the side, inhale and it was very similar to smoking out of a blueberry hookah. I think the novelty of these “flavored sticks” will wear off for me shortly.

As for the e-cigs themselves, I think I’ll be sticking with option for awhile.

Busy day today. Have a good week, you guys!

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