Midnight special & a camping retrospective.

Posted: July 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Let’s just call this Entry #2 in The Midnight Special Amateur Cooking Expo.

I hit that critical point during my friend Zubaer’s bachelor camping trip where I COULD NOT SWALLOW ANOTHER HOT DOG!  And so I used the grapes that I bought at Walmart two days earlier and decided that to roast them on a stick with pieces of gouda like kabobs.  This was a revelation.  First off, they come out in a substance you would never expect.  The sugar of the grape gathers to encrust the peel as the inside becomes warm and divinely fleshy, but breaking open like popcorn.  If you want to try to make them at home, try to glaze them with olive oil (although avocado oil gives it more of an efferevescence.)  Shred some Gouda cheese and thyme over them, set the toaster oven for 375 and in about 12 minutes they’re ready!  Obviously a great compliment to most seasonal white wines and a luscious toast and cracker spread!


Try it! I really think you’ll like it…


And here’s what I call post-Midnight Special, the Granola Saturdae, made special for Saturday mornings.  You mix toasted coconut flakes, granola, pecans, unsalted toasted cornnuts, raspberries, blueberries and bananas.  Then with some almond milk, you add whipped cream with a circle splash of chocolate syrup.  You can also add tangerine slices, kiwi, any fruit you want that won’t hurt or hinder the mix.

Okay, that’s enough about food.  I knew this indica strain of Crimea Blue was going to be trouble…

So let’s just see pictures of the bachelor trip, which took place exactly this weekend last year.  All images here can be credited to the masterfully dextrous eye of Mr. Khan.  I hope you are well, Zu.  I know we basically haven’t talked to you since the wedding in Chicago last August, but I’ve been aware of your support all along and I miss you.

I miss you all, really.


Three of us had to cross this twice just to get to the Nelson Lake site.


Can’t believe I’m cooking with a stick.


Ben perpetually in his hammock.


I believe you could call this a morning of “recovery”


The Born-Too-Fly Bautista.  (Aka: Gino)


The Lake in the morning.


Nunna the other boys would be bathe in the Lake, so I woke up early each morning to pull a Maid Marion then go back to sleep.


We spent hours trying to build a perfect fire.  Twice, we actually succeeded..


Disaffected pyromaniacs are not a danger to the forest, but only because we’re an endangered species.


Oh, and please tell me how on Earth did I forget about this photo?   Mr. Khan, this shit is mint.  (The New Gold)  The campsite was clear shot from across the lake.  And true to the fraternization of both straight and gay men, I remember the discussion going back-and-forth for hours as to “which was bigger.”  That’s obviously about when I fell asleep.

  1. I’d like to say ‘only in America’ — not the camping experience, but the beauty of nature enjoyed so trustingly. I your enjoyed the journal immensely.

    We have communist rebels in our mountains a and hills. But yes, I’ve done a mountain hills trek with friends for two nights.

  2. Thank you, Tito. One of these days I’ll make you walk into the Great Outdoors of United States with reckless abandon! You’ll have a blast!

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