I think more people need to start sharing their cooking failures.

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Uncategorized


This should have been simple enough.  But if you’re someone like me who never uses measurements, it’s helpful to share that Lightly Fakin Bacon tempeh strips do not in any palatable way agree with the ingredients for Indian coconut fried rice.  I’ve learned that if you’re going to use tempeh (or any soy protein at all) to use a neutral flavored product, or  prepare the ingredients in another pan.  I find that plant proteins marinate to the ingredients around it often too easily.  As for coconut oil, well, this is all that I am cooking with right now.  And aside from its low-threshold burning temperature (I spilled some on my FOOT a few days ago!  OUCH!!!!) it is a great alternative to any hydrogenated cooking oil and can serve as a basis for just about anything except Italian food.  It’s also incredible for your thyroid.  Yeah, there’s really no going back to canola oil for me at this point in the game…

The vegetables are bok choy and kale steamed in garlic.  Nothing to say about that really, though lately it’s been kind of a staple.  Helps stave off the guilt that will probably overcome me tonight when I stop at Dick’s to get a double cheeseburger.


As my sister says “sorry I’m not sorry.”  You see, I have trouble with commitment.  Doesn’t everyone??


And oh yeah, thanks for ruining EVERYTHING, Fakin’ Bacon!!

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