New bougie soft drink discovery

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Uncategorized


Made with a sweetener called Stevia and way better alternative to other Diet Sodas. Not a creature of habit, but I endorse this!

The wikipedia article on Stevia HERE.

Oh NO, it’s one of those gorgeous crystalline summer days in Seattle again!!  What.  A.  BUZZKILL!! Started a program with a fitness trainer at LA Fitness in Lake Hills today.  The workout itself was only an hour long.   First half was a breeze.  I got winded in the last half-hour during aerobics and squats but felt great after. Hey, whatever it takes to break on through to the other side. (Or as I mentioned to the trainer Mike “hymen breaking” — he really seemed to like that.  Bros ❤ virginity jokes.  Did you know that?)

I am almost halfway through the radiation treatment. At this point, the scheduling is routinely at the Arnold Pavilion every day around 3.  As long as I am on time, so are the treatments, which last for 10 minutes and are all run by positive and talented specialists.

In short, I feel better. The lump in my throat is gone and my voice is back.  It’s an encouraging relief! At least for now.  (I feel like I say that a lot these days.)  Funny, you get so used to suffering through something to the point of becoming indifferent to it and then one day it’s just gone.  I do, however, wake up with a sporadic and kind of raucous cough and walk around with some chest pressure during certain points of the day, but I was already warned by my radiation specialist that this would happen.  Something to do with the lymphoma particles breaking up and dispersing through my respiratory system.

My friend Rob Burke is shooting a film on a sailboat this week. We’ve been friends since the 3rd grade and I got the pleasure to spend the 4th of July with him and his girlfriend on Lake Union. This week (or maybe next) I will be volunteering my crew skills. First time since the Sesame Street gig at Kaufman Astoria. Should be an adventure.

For those of you who emailed me this morning congratulations on my engagement, congratulations on your healthy sense of irony!!!  Come on you guys!  I miss Brooklyn, but you’re making me feel like I took the Brooklyn out of it!!  I didn’t think Brooklyn (or the world, for that matter) needed any more perverse sardonics.

On that note, I am working hard at a new project that is not sardonic at all.  I think will surprise a lot of people.

But just to show to you I haven’t become a complete Pollyanna, here’s a fun graphic I saw on Instagram today.


I’ve been writing this post on the I-405 on the way back from Fremont.  Mom is Driving Miss Daisy.  That’s how much traffic we’re stuck in.  She is so lost.   And she trusts the voice on Google maps more than the voice of her own son.  I have a profound sense of direction, so naturally, we’re not speaking right now.

Except she did just comment on Muslim fasting on NPR.

These are all lies.

I hope that everyone is having a great summer.

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