Mark & I Discuss Life After DOMA.

Posted: June 26, 2013 in Uncategorized


Yeah, this is a very important day to celebrate love and dignity. But I do worry how this decision will beckon backlash from other states, even if its now confirmed as the “unconstitutional reaction.” So while it’s huge leap, I just hope the ones in defense of the old DOMA grow some feathers in this new climate. Maybe they will finally admit to themselves that marriage is very anticlimactic. Or how other people’s ability to climax will hardly affect their own.

(Come to think about it, I could give a focko what these other states do… I live in New York and Washington state. If I ever run out of energy to be progressive here, I’ll find an island and start a commune. Life is short. Let’s keep it simple.)


All in all, GREAT JOB Supreme Court!!!!!


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