Donna Summer – MacArthur Park

Posted: May 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

Did you guys know that “MacArthur Park” was supposed to be part of a cantata? Here is what would have sounded like as sung by Donna Summer. Listening to Terry Gross’ interview with Jimmy Webb right now and she describes as ‘elliptical’ – which is a word I’ve never heard used to describe songcraft before. Personally, I like the bloated aspect of these lyrics and the ludicrous “cake-in-the-rain” metaphor is simply a gift that keeps giving…

  1. Sonny says:

    Stuart, I agree with your comments about cograue, and taking action, and setting examples, but I’m not convinced that all real leaders have to be out in front of their people at all times. I believe there’s another type of leader a collaborator who initially inspires and motivates their group to strive for specific goals, and who works with and within the group to achieve those goals through broad empowerment, rather by maintaining a charismatic separation. They’re still leading, but it’s from the front line, rather than being the spearhead.This type of leader is much rarer, because their skill relies more on emotional intelligence than dashing charisma.Many family business scenarios are afflicted by too much charisma and ego, and not enough emotional intelligence, empowerment and shared responsibility. This is precisely what causes the fear that freezes decision making and screws up transition processes.

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