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Do you guys remember “Little Ben Affleck” from Voyage of the Mimi?  I think we watched these videos in 6th grade science class whenever the teacher was too hungover to make a lesson plan.  Note the aggressively peppy theme song, which I have to believe is one of the forgotten classics of our time, so unfortunately overshadowed by the infectious, nostalgic power of the theme songs to Reading Rainbow and Sesame Street.

Argo made for some rather tense, period-genre entertainment masquerading as historical representation.  (I know the same can be said of Django Unchained, but somehow Tarantino’s hyperstylization is actually what saves the film from being reduced to historical hubris and taking itself too seriously.)  I actually don’t have a problem with Argo winning Best Picture.  Though I felt like it’s more suited as one of those movies you choose on those rainy Saturday afternoons on TBS with a bowl of ramen and an arts & crafts project.  Silver Linings Playbook was my fave but hadn’t a chance in hell, but who is weeping over their loss?  Most of the time, doesn’t it take about about a week to forget who wins these things, anyway?  There is such an empty feeling by the time these award shows are over that I wonder if the actual attendees are in on it, too; that the fraudulent hype that fuels The  Oscars as the year’s most seminal cultural event so very rarely delivers its promise.  Why is film important enough to celebrate this way?

Halle Berry’s dress was the shit — I can’t lie.  You know that she looked the best, and don’t act like you were surprised by it


And Daniel Day, whose public personality is usually marred by a stuffy, uppity quality actually delivered some good speech.  Ang Lee deserved the award for Best Director, though it was hardly the strongest category.  I was hoping that Anne Hathaway would trip up the stairs, but that claim to shame ended up hilariously going at the end of the night to Jennifer Lawrence, who is so fresh and self-effacing you wanted to be like: “GRRRL, we can pretend it didn’t happen if YOU can.”  As for the show itself, Seth McFarlane I found to be fine (and not misogynistic, as other critics seem to be pushing) mostly because I’ve learned not to expect anything from award show hosts, though I’ve got to say, I am astonished every year that I choose watch it by just how old fashioned the Oscars is.  That “High Hopes medley was treading awfully close to Lawrence Welk stuff.  Also, apparently Chicago is the most important movie made since Citizen Kane.

My fav. part of the evening was the James Bond Tribute with Shirley Bassey.  ROFL 4 DAYZ.


My Tweets from last night.  I got exhausted in the middle of the ceremony, hence the weird chronology… my suggestion is to werk backwards.


I will definitely be invited back next year.

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