Getting called a “prostitute” by @alecbaldwin over twitter must truly be one of life’s rare gifts.

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Enjoy Alec Baldwin’s unsavory public twitter meltdown here:



I have a former roommate who used to be his assistant.  And I guess that it’s pretty much a well-accepted fact — especially around NYC — that the man is a gargantuan jackhole who treats the people he works with “like his subservient transgendered dwarves.”  (Direct quote)  So I’m not carrying any guilt about posting a link to his little misogynistic tirade here, especially since you can see he made no effort to keep it private.  Makes me kind of wish that Spike Lee got a twitter account, too– I mean, think of the GEMS !!!!

(EDIT: FOUND!  Unsurprisingly, I can’t understand a word of it)

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  1. jenny lane says:

    That twitter account is not a verified account. Any crazy person could be tweeting form it. This is a verified AB account:

    …which isn’t to say that he WOULDN’T say those things. I’m just saying we can’t be sure he actually did.

  2. It occurred to me that it might be a fake account, but it’s written so convincingly in the voice of his vitriol that I feel like it probably belongs to him. I believe the best in people, of course. 😉 He’ll be way more diplomatic in a twitter account of the foundation that he represents — which btw, I forgot that you got a huge grant for, and if I want to apply for in the near future, this post is comin-a-DOWN.

    I am watching him on Letterman, btw. Nevertheless, just trust me, dude’s got some shit goin’ on. Think Kevin Spacey wout the Lexapro.

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