A Fresh Wave of Winter

Posted: December 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

photo-11I hope that everybody had a great Christmas!

Pretty sure mine was incredible this year.  But then again, how do you even begin to fully talk about it once it’s fully  over.  The success of Christmas at our house is usually measured by how many pounds of peanut butter fudge can be devoured in one afternoon.  The batch Mom made this year went very slowly this year, and in breaking tradition, she did eat most of it.  Bravo.

Beacon (or should I say bacon) moments:

No game hens this year.  We brought back these two Chicken Pot Pies through a woman at the Farmer’s Market.  I tend not to go for Chicken Pot Pie because it reminds me too much of soup.  This may have well been a Chicken Pot Pie of the Century.  I couldn’t define for you what made it a religious experience, but I’ve been frantically google searching all morning just to see where they can be ordered again.

Our family opened presents around noon.  I will never forget my sister’s smile, big, sinister and sweet as her boyfriend unwrapped 3 different colored Jansport backpacks on eBay.  (Shipping confusion?!  Who cares?!  I had really never seen her look in love.)

Les Miserables.  Were the advance tickets necessary?  Holy YES.  But let’s keep to less is more and talk about the rest of the movie without Anne Hathaway later.


Debra, my dear friend from high school cuddling with Floyd.  She stopped over from her Christmas visit from NYC to bring over her mother’s fudge and watch Pretty Woman last night.


I don’t know if I’ve ever had this before, but I was just woken up by this incredibly dimensional fear (not a dream, have you) that the act alone of sleeping in the dark was rendering me colorblind.  A monster under my bed premonition, Maurice Sendak style.  I flicked on the light switch and can’t explain to you the relief of seeing colors again… how easily, in the dark, for that moment, I was convinced that my senses could somehow have peeled.

Well, they didn’t.  And hallelujah.  Because senses are everything.

I need to see some art today.

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