It can still be a date even if you order Raisin Bran.

Posted: December 17, 2012 in Uncategorized


This movie was a lot better than it needed to be. Sharp writing, deeply felt performances and characters that are fabulously bonkers that I had no trouble relating to, of course.

So there are a lot of ways that would make me a perfect candidate to get through the next 6 months. I am good at entertaining myself. I would find a better way than the average person to keep myself busy if I were ever stuck in a Venezuelan cave. Or one of those shipwreck boats in Life of Pi. I like healthy foods. I am an enthusiast of herbs. But one of the things I am finding most frustrating is the pace at which I’m able to do things outside of the house. Those of you who know my brisk pedestrian speed in New York have even coined something called “The Trystan Sprawl.” No fancy footwork here, but The Trystan Sprawl is a rather fast and vigorous sprawl. And to ask other people around me to slow down is totally antithetical to my nature. I don’t want to get used to it. Especially if it’s not forever. I adamantly refuse.

But aside from that, things could be a lot worse. I am writing, composing, thinking of business ideas and plans for what I want to achieve upon returning to New York. The chest compressions and shallow energy level are a drag. Sometimes I get headaches. The itching has stopped. I do at least 45 minutes of yoga a day. Multiplying that by 3 might give you a general sense of how much time I dedicate to my new religion, which is EATING. Other than that, things are actually quite fine, which is a word that I so usually go out of my way to avoid when describing things in life.

For those who have not surmised, I am now walking around with a bald head. Thinking about getting a job as a fortune teller at the Puyallup Fair. 😉 Video will arrive soon to show you the documented process as well as the results.

Make no mistake about it. Zum motherfuckin’ badass shiiiit.

Today I’m going to make Christmas presents.

(P.S. There seem to be a lot of people from Alaska showing up on my blog stats reports?! I mean, that’s great. The power of the internet and all. It’s nice to meet you, too.  But umm, who ARE you guys?!! )

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