Good News!

Posted: December 11, 2012 in Uncategorized


Mirror check. Before first checkup with Kaplan.

Screen shot 2012-12-11 at 5.13.30 AM

If this were after the checkup, I would be smiling very generously. You see, the news is good: after a marathon checkup involving another CT, I got news this evening that my growth has shrunk considerably and that I can basically (within reason) go back to doing some work and interacting outside of the confines of this house. Word still out on what this means as far as returning to New York. My lymphoma symptoms are persistent, but not even close to as bad as they were before or during my time in the hospital. Thank you for all of your prayers and positive energy. I can’t discount how they probably played a great deal in transforming, strengthening (dare I say it? healing) my body and soul, and have also helped turn this experience into something meaningful and connecting. So whoever you are, or whatever brings you to this blog, I would like to thank you for being with me on this journey. The responses have been mostly positive, but expectedly varied due to revealing some frank and revealing content many of the people in my life would probably wish that I keep more exclusive. Since I’ve chosen to pursue my healing as a Felliniesque art project (with online deviations), I’m just going to go ahead and stick to that original commitment.  I’m really not going to have time to apologize for what I write here.  (I have to say that once and for all just so that there’s no mistake about it.)

I actually can’t wait to stop thinking about cancer. So in a few weeks, in between chemo treatments, you can expect me to take large gaps of time where I don’t write about it at all.

My friend Nicole flew in here from San Francisco yesterday night. Aunt Karen has left for Florida. She and my Mom are as close as they can be living across the country as of fairly recently, and growing up with her was similar to growing up with two mothers. So the multiplicity of maternal care was very omnipresent and comical. Definitely something to write about. But I also don’t want to overemphasize the autobiographical output I’m making right now. It’s just a phase I need to go through after having spent much time in the opposite direction of using what I make into something masterfully cryptic but personal. Do you know what I mean?

Okay, I want to get a few more hours of sleep before I make my omelette. Today, Nicole and I are going to visit The Gilda Radner House, meet up for lunch at Laida’s, maybe go to The Salvation Army and have an El Diablo at Tango, a tapas restaurant across the Capitol Hill overpass — show Nicole Seattle proper in the best capacity that I can.

El Diablo, by the way, is a bitter cube of sinfully rich dark chocolate graced with cayenne, spicy almonds, cocoa nibs and burnt meringue finished with a tequila caramel sauce.

This morning, I woke up having dreamt of a Cherry Almond Green Tea concoction. My dreams came true, and I’m drinking it up now.


Consider this a metaphor.

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