First Week Checkup

Posted: December 10, 2012 in Uncategorized


My oncologist is world renown researcher Dr. Henry Kaplan.  I could not be paired with a better doctor.  He is kind, scrupulously informative, honest, hopeful, always available and truly at the top of his field.  I’m incredibly lucky that he’s my doctor and so far he’s been really outstanding.  God bless him, truly.

Today is the first day that I see my oncologist since last week’s hospital release.  A lot has transpired.  I’m feeling better than I should, with little interaction (or even cellular trauma of the chemo.)  But the battle this weekend has not been entirely uphill.  A list of issues that need to be addressed:

– Mild chest compressions, particularly when out for several hours in public

– What to do when facial swelling makes its moderate comeback in the afternoon after taking the steroids once in the morning as needed.

– The degree to which I should really be avoiding sugar.  (I was craving mint chocolate cookie Ben & Jerry’s as you can see from my previous blog post and I let nothing stop me from my Holy Grail.)

– Should I be “feeling” my tumor?

– Refill xanax.

– Gilda Radner House.

– Getting Medical Marijuana greencard.

– Dermatologist for excessive itching, or bath product recommendations.

– Will I really lose my hair in the next couple of weeks?

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