The Definition of CRYPTOMNESIA

Posted: December 8, 2012 in Uncategorized


CRYPTOMNESIA, or “concealed recollection,” is the name for a theoretical phenomenon involving suppressed or ‘forgotten’ memories. It refers to cases where (apparently) a person believes that he or she is creating or inventing something new, such as a story, poem, artwork, or joke, but is actually recalling a similar or identical work which he or she has previously encountered. According to the theory of cryptomnesia, the person is not engaging in plagiarism, but is rather experiencing a memory as if it were inspiration. Proponents of the cryptomnesia phenomenon believe it is possibly a means of recalling to mind certain experiences that one otherwise would not remember.


This is the basis of what I want to make a series about.  Cryptomnesiac Artifacts.  Once a week, a story, an explanation, or record of all things similarly encountered, and as if encountered for the first time.  Still thinking about the form. Podcast?

  1. jennyjanuary says:

    YES, podcast. I would listen to that.

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