It is true, Daisy June: you DO have the most GLORIOUS legs!!

Posted: December 7, 2012 in Uncategorized


A little after 7 am, while dreaming about an outage in my programming booth, I was jolted into a waking state with a searing Charley horse that ruptured quickly into loud interminable screaming. Both my Dad and Aunt ran attentively to the door and watched me go through the whole thing virtually naked. I guess this is the sort of thing that we’re all going to have to get used to. But it would be nice, as someone who used to keep a 3-day workout regime, to gradually look into light/medium home exercise options. I’m wheeling on blind here. Fitness is important to me, but the video/cyberworkout sphere is definitely in no way my realm of expertise, so if you have any recommendations, please don’t hesitate to comment or even shoot me an e-mail at

Life of Pi was a visually marvelous film (I made a point of using my new vaporizer before leaving). Having said that, I find that relies WAY too much on narration. And the ambiguity in the novel as to whether or not he was eaten by a tiger has been replaced with a decision by the man playing the author/interrogator as to whether he wants to publish it as a piece of memoir or metaphorical fiction. I’m sorry, but LAME. Still, at its best, when the swimmingly visual world of Pi truly takes over, Ang Lee shows us the unraveling spiritual progress of an infinite universe in ways that deserve only to be seen in the theater.


When we got out of the movie, I was SO not ready to go home.  I am a locationally restless person, as I’m sure most New Yorkers are, and so ended up having a brief spat with my parents over what does and does not constitute an “outing.”  The differences are already incredibly vast living in New York and being in Bellevue, Washington.  But as I’ve said in previous entries, a little bit of denial goes a long way for me.  I ended up getting 4 pieces of chocolate from the Godiva in the mall.  Yes, I know that cancer feeds on sugar, but it’s not like I was asking for black tar heroin!  The humiliation of feeling “monitored” made me feel somewhat like I was jumping out of my skin.  Or had regressed to becoming 13 or 14 years old and punished for pushing 11:45 curfew.  But then again, I totally get that they’re coming from a place of love, and really try not forget for a moment how lucky I am to have their abundant attention and care.

But let’s just call this what this is: a big detour from being The Cosmopolitan Pirate.  Dependency isn’t an easy thing to accept overnight, particularly for someone like me who learned to be so automatic and extreme about my own survival.

Afterward, we prepared roasted broccoli, zucchini, bok choi, mushrooms, asparagus and cauliflower. All of this, of course, culminated for me in the steak that I seasoned with an herb maple bernaise. My Aunt (who is vegan) watched me as I ate the steak like I was having an overpowering orgasm. In the end, it felt like a blood transfusion, and I went on the internet to confirm that several servings of red meat a week are very helpful in regulating red blood cell counts after chemo.




My throat feels dry (possibly due to all the screaming from the Charley Horse) and I have a headache. The itching has commenced, too, which means that I should probably take an oatmeal bath. At this point, I would like to go back to bed for another 2-3 hours of sleep.

But first, ANOTHER omelette. Introducing: The Charley Horse. Threw in all of those leftover roasted vegetables with grape tomatoes, roasted pine nuts and Tilamook cheddar and served with orange carrot juice.


  1. jennyjanuary says:

    pine nuts are delicious.


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