You’ll wear a different chain!

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Okay, I’m only going to bring this up once (maybe twice) but who else is shamelessly looking forward to Tom Hooper’s Les Miz movie in a few weeks?

It does look pretty exciting, I will admit, but  if I were to give any criticism to the clips below, I would say that I think the sound quality of the orchestrations  could use significantly more heft.  If you haven’t heard, the actors are singing their parts live against a piano accompaniment in their ear  later to be replaced with a 70 piece orchestra.  I guess this is why the synchronization and vocal rests seem a little rough and estimated in many places to my ears.  But I also guess that I don’t mind them that much either.  They’ve definitely got their own charm, and  visually, it couldn’t look more beautifully produced.  As a kid, I remember watching the 10th Anniversary Concert on PBS  with Colim Wilkinson & Ruthie Henshall many, many times.  They were great.  But I think I remember  finally seeing the show on its National Tour that stopped by here at the 5th Avenue  Theater a few years later.  I even remember maybe even being a little disappointed in it, but I can’t really remember why.  Anyway, the songs are very much in me, as I’m sure they are in a lot of you who’d much rather not admit it!  In certain crowds, I used to get asked to play them at the drop of a hat at the piano, which could get pretty annoying.  But it was the moment of playing “I Dreamed a Dream” at a Jewish wedding that really made me recognize that this music was actually EVERYwhere. Who knew that the songs would turn into what you see here?

Just a quick note on how I feel this morning:

I’m itching profusely, have got some  mild chest pressure and a dry throat, but don’t even really feel sick.  Not really, anyway.  I’m taking this to be a very good thing, even though I can tell that the regeneration of my cells has definitely taken a hit, and it’s only a matter of time before my red/white platelets eventually stop producing at their regular rate.  My Aunt Karen flew in yesterday night from Orlando.  We had breaded garlic eggplant and radish citrus salad.  This evening, our family hairstylist Leann from Obadiah Salon in Bellevue is coming over to dye my hair turquoise.  I am scheduled to lose my hair in 2-3 weeks. I am craving a good New York steak.  This will probably lead in the future to a torrent of other things that I miss most about my city.  For now, here is the omelette I made this morning.  It contains mushrooms, fresh basil, shredded gruyere, fresh cheese, cherry tomatoes and sprinkled on the outside with pepitas (pumpkin seeds), onion flakes and paprika.  Let call this one The Fantasia Omelette.  


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