Call Chelsea Peretti

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Chelsea Peretti has been one of my favorite comics since I first moved to New York and saw Variety SHAC at the former Galapagos, so THANK GOD she is continuing her awesome podcast!  In the future, I’ll have to write my response to “The Bear Story” that I heard stuck in the hospital last week.  I will also have to expand upon how I’ve always had this ongoing playful, vicarious wish-based (mostly one-sided) friendship with her on Twitter.  @chelseaperetti   In the end, her sardonicisms are brave, cheeky, often very familiar, and sometimes dementedly bloodletting.  The phone conversation with her Grandmother last week, brought forth a new crown for “The New Queen of Uncontrived Wisdom.”  I often get this feeling that Chelsea thinks that I am harassing her on social media.  But you don’t play with a French bulldog the same way you would a toy pomeranian.  She refers to herself as “one of the greats” but I get the feeling this was probably something that one of her psychotherapists or some ol’ pony comedian might have said to her once at a bar somewhere to up her self-confidence or showmanship.  Not that she had to.  Her live show is actually really great.  (Saw her 3 weeks ago at Gramercy Theater.) Just for the record: I think touting oneself to egomaniacal standards of hero worship really a lot of fun, and actually quite a necessary thing to do.  In fact, I don’t think it matters what walk of life you’re coming from: it’s important to exaggerate how much you love yourself.  What can be a healthier thing to practice?  Sometimes the best way to acknowledge your delusions is to take them boldly out on an abandoned playground.  Sometimes “your fear of being mistaken for an asshole” is very often the great absurdity.  Chelsea does this brazenly, with just amount of sobering self-pity to make sure that you know that she’s not only actually ahead of not only you, but almost always herself

In other words, Chelsea Peretti is not better than you.  But she is also, like, totally better than you.

Click the below for the 9 podcasts she has so far!



Next week I’m going to call the podcast if I have time.

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