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I was discharged from Swedish Medical Center 3 hours ago.

I am at my parents home now.  And what an unspeakable relief it is to be here!  Since I am now opening this blog up to the public, I have decided to let this photo assemblage (spanning a little over-a-week) speak for itself instead of spending a gratuitous amount of time narrativizing myself into a character of fiction.

I’m ready to speak in present tenses.  Ready to shepherd in some hope, humor, lightness and vitality.  That’s not to say that I’m still not in a total state of disbelief about what I’ve been through.  And to any who think I might be guilty in the “oversharing” in these materials, I might, in more guarded circumstances, agree.  But then again, no one is forcing you to read this.  It is my choice to exposit the most radically honest version of what I’ve endured for the past week.  This is not out of some nagging adolescent hankering for attention, but because it’s the only way that I feel that I can do it with respect.  Also, really, what do I have to lose?

In future entries, I might write more elaborately about my stay in the hospital, which will give you more reference to the photos that you see here.  As for right now, to put it simply: I just don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, and I ain’t gonna.  I feel that my soul and physical enterprise are currently in a state of restless renovation, reaching for places of beauty, tenacity and recollection.  The first thing I did upon returning to my parents house was play the piano for a half-an-hour, singing way louder than I should, indicating that you should expect this blog to turn into a compendium for a lot of my new art — which I might have been afraid to share with amount of immediacy simply due of my tendencies usually being a crippling perfectionist.

I thank all of you for your support, surprising love and long-term desire for my success.

Please overlook the wreckage as I attempt to set myself free.



Moments after finding out learning my Non-Hodgkin’s Large B-Cell Lymphoma Stage 3 was NOT a byproduct of HIV/AIDS.  This was big for me.





    • Yenny says:

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      • Ligiane says:

        sedih,, tp bahagia.. bner2 onni gw yg stu ni.. gw ska cntoh idol gni,, g trallu byk ngekspos diri kcuali di music dan WG,, baik2 ama idol lain ama mmbernya,, gak byk gaya,, ramah ,,ga macem2 ampe akhirnya milih buat nikah muda salut ma onni

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